Friday, December 27, 2013

The New Addition!

Wanted to fill you in on a little something that happened in our house about 2 weeks ago, we adopted another puppy!

Meet Murphy, the Schnauzer, Tibetan Terrier and possibly Wolfhound mix. They said he is about a year old, but they aren't sure. We are thinking he is about 8-10 months, and our vet agrees. He is just a big ol' adorable mutt. We did not plan on adopting another dog. We were at lunch at the same shopping center as PetSmart. I told Andy that I wanted to go over to PetSmart after we ate so we could look at Christmas stuff for Jimmy and see the cute dogs they had since they had Stephens County Humane Society (a local shelter) there for adoptions on Saturdays. Just to look at them, not actually take one home. Well, before we even made it to look at Christmas stuff we looked at the dogs and spotted "Sloopy".

He was an adorable mutt just hanging out in this kennel. The woman running the adoptions said we could take him for a walk around the store, so we did. I didn't initially want another dog, but I knew Andy has wanted another for a while. And, we thought it might be good for Jimmy to have a playmate since he has been getting a bit bored and rambunctious when we are gone. So, "Sloopy" came home with us!

We were not fans of the name Sloopy, so at first we renamed him Oscar because I kinda think he looks like Oscar the Grouch, even though he is not a grouchy guy. But, as we thought about it we decided that Oscar wasn't the right fit. So, Andy came up with Murphy and it has stuck!

The two of them seem to be getting along alright so far, clearly these two boys love belly rubs from Daddy.

When Jimmy finally realized that Murphy is not just a visitor and is moving in and he started to pout a bit, which broke our hearts. At first we were going to wait and see how it went with the two of them (which is why I didn't post this post sooner), but they have come to love playing together and hanging out, and Murphy is staying!

We have tried to take the two of them on a long walk almost every night and they are both pretty good walking on a leash. Check out these light on a house around the corner from us!

Murphy has separation anxiety, which we were unaware of, he freaks out when we both leave. We have signed him up for training classes so those start in the new year and hopefully those will help. We have never had to train a dog since Jimmy was trained from the time he was a puppy, so we didn't really know where to start. We figure a class would be a good way to train Murphy.

We hope that the two of them will become best buddies but I will keep you posted!

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