Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tame that Mane

Let me start this post by saying that I have not run in about two weeks!!! Between family being here (though we did the Gobble Wobble!) and us having an ice/snow storm (which the roads are still covered in since the town did nothing to clean up this mess) I just haven't :(

It has been WAY below freezing many mornings and I give more credit to those who can run when the real feel is -13, but I just can't. The weather is going to start getting back to normal human temps which means I will get to run in the mornings again! I can't wait to get back moving and maintaining instead of gaining during this holiday season. It is supposed to be 53 on Saturday, sounds like a perfect day for a run in my book! I suppose the gods are preparing us for our PCS move! (more on that later, but it will be a cold move)

Now, you know I love to share products when they really work for me, so I have one for ya! A few months ago an awesome lady named Melissa started SweatMePretty. She started the brand when other non-slip headbands didn't work for her. Either they would leave a mark in hair for days, or they would say they were one size but would really measure another. What better way to solve a problem then do it yourself! She is so sweet and her customer service is great! They also occasionally do promos. Currently they are running free shipping on purchases $40.00 or more with code CHRISTMAS13.

I tried them out and now I am hooked (clearly, I mean look at my collection from just two or three months haha). They come in tons of styles/colors, stay in place, and are much less expensive than other non-slip headband companies. I also love that she uses contrasting velvet on the inside of the band. Gives it a little something extra!

I always wear one when running/working out because my hair would get insane without it. I don't get those ladies that can run a half marathon with their long hair down and not get crazy sweaty. I also rock them when my hair just gets annoying and needs to be pulled back from my face. They do the trick, and make it look a little more polished than just a ponytail. Needless to say, I love SweatMePretty (and their awesome name), so go check it out!

Do you have a favorite non-slip headband or do you go without? Do you enjoy negative temp running or are a scaredy cat like me? haha.... Have a great day friends!


  1. Bundle up and get moving, haha!! I ran a 15k in the snow this past Sunday, it was fun!! Winter running is all about the right gear.

    These are super cute! Does she show at any race expos?

    1. Haba more power to ya! I wouldnt mind running in nice pretty snow falling, its the sheet of inch thick ice through my nighborhood that is holding me back... Cant get a good run on ice. Plus, ill fall and bust my butt and be out of running for a lot longer haha.... She doesnt show at any expos because she isnt quite that big (yet!) but check out her etsy shop at I think I might order some more soon! I cant get enough of them :)

  2. It is not fun running in the cold but you get used to it after a while. :)

    1. I would rather run in the cold that the 110 degree El Paso heat haha, its the ice that holds me back.... but it is starting to melt so I am totally going on a run tomorrow morning!