Thursday, December 5, 2013

Where Have I Been?!?!

Holy cow, I just realized that it has been about a month since my last post! Goodness, I guess life just starts getting hectic and some things (such as the blog) get put on the back burner. Between work and life and family and the army, it has been busy around here, but I am back! Instead of going though everything that has gone on in the past month, I will just give you the highlights!

The biggest highlight was that our family came to visit for Thanksgiving! My mom, along with Andy's mom, step-dad and sister all came to visit us here in Oklahoma. It was our first time hosting for the holidays and it was great. I give my Aunt Lynn a lot of credit for all of those Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners that she hosted, getting everything in and out of the oven on time is a task!

Me and my momma!

Also, while they were here we did a Gobble Wobble the morning of Thanksgiving. It was so much fun to have the whole family participate in an event like this and if we were staying here in Oklahoma it would become a yearly tradition! (Side note, we are leaving Oklahoma in February, but that gets a whole post of its own soon!)

The whole gang!

The second highlight was that we got our first snow of the season the weekend before Thanksgiving! We went to bed on Saturday night to clean streets and no snow and woke up Sunday morning with 4 inches of snow in our backyard! Clearly the first thing we did when we woke up was put on warm clothes and play in the snow with Jimmy! Then we made our way (through the crappy, un-plowed Lawton streets) to the dog park to play with a friend and his two doggies.

Andy and Jimmy playing in the backyard

The dogs had a blast in the snow and now we are gearing up for round two, snow and ice today through Friday night. I hope the yucky weather holds off until tomorrow night because it is a big day around here tomorrow, Andy is getting promoted to Captain!

Hope you have all had a wonderful holiday season so far! And I promise, I will be better at posting! Now, I leave you with this cuties snow-covered face from last week!

Our fur-baby Jimmy, enjoying the snow! 

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  1. I love that so much family came to visit you all for Thanksgiving! :)