Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fila Flounce and Brooks PR Mesh Review

In my last post I mentioned my two new skirts.... As expected, one was awesome and the other not so much.

This is the pink Fila Flounce skirt, that I wanted to love. I am a true girly girl so a hot pink running skirt could do no wrong, and then I went for a run and was disappointed. It was a good length for me and the color was awesome, but it did not stand up on my run. I did a 3 mile run and had to pull the shorts under the skirt down every 2 minutes. It was definitely a pain and I probably won't be wearing this skirt on a run again, but will keep it for light walks with the dog or maybe out on the tennis court since my husband wants to take up tennis again.

This second one worked much better for me! It is the Brooks PR Mesh Skort II (sorry it is sideways, Blogger wouldn't let me rotate). It is a great length, about 14" I think and the shorts are a 4.5" inseam. This is a perfect length for me since I am tall and have larger thighs, so the skirt covers just fine. The shorts also have the silicone gripper along the hem which prevents riding up while your running, which is one of my biggest problems with running skirts and shorts. I wore this on a 3 mile run and I think I only had to adjust it once, which is perfectly fine with me. This skort is a keeper and right now Brooks Running has some on sale on their website, so I am tempted to grab the eggplant color as well.


  1. Everyone I run with loves the Brooks skirts! They have that rubber grippy thing that keeps them in place. I need to try one out! I have get to make the plunge, also it is still super cold here. Go figure.

    1. you totally do! they have some on sale on their website and I found mine on 6pm.com. they are so great... hopefully it get warm there soon. the high here today is 93

  2. Yay so happy to see you blogging!!!! :) It's such a great outlet. I wish I could run in skirts, just not comfortable for me. :)