Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mud Runs

Over the weekend my husband completed the Old Ironsides Mud Challenge. He did great and I was very proud of him! Granted, he is an officer in the Army and is in good shape so I didn't have a doubt in my mind that he would do well. I on the other hand did not sign up for this one, which was a 4 mile run with 13 (very hard) obstacles. I knew I just wasn't in good enough shape for all of that yet, but I was his official photographer and got up bright and early to support him.

The weekend before was a different story, as we completed the Run the Jailbreak together. This was a 5k run with 17 obstacles and I felt like I couldn't finish toward the end, but I crossed the finish line, which was my only goal. I have done 5ks in the past and they aren't usually something I am worried about finishing, because I know I can. However, when you throw 17 obstacles in there, that is a whole different beast.

So, like I said, I crossed the finish line, with a lot of encouragement from my husband and I was so glad we did it! He was great and stayed with me the whole time, even if I was going as slow as possible and wanted to give up. He was there to push me and make sure I crossed that finish. We had so much fun that the following Monday I planned most of the races that we will do for the rest of the year, unless more are published and we add some to our list. I cannot wait to complete more races and mud runs throughout the year and see what we can accomplish!

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