Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Successful Labor Day Weekend

Having yesterday off of work was so great, even if we didn't do much. The long weekend of relaxing, shopping and movie watching was wonderful and I want to do it all over again. This morning Andy even mentioned that we had 3 days off (he had 4 off) and didn't get much accomplished but that is totally okay with us. We didn't fold laundry, go grocery shopping or to our training group which were all things that we should have done, but what are you gonna do.

Friday he was off work so he spent the day cutting the grass and hand washing our cars, until I got off work. Usually Friday is dinner out for us, but we were both in a lazy mood so we ordered pizza in and watched TV. We finished season one of Orange is the New Black which I was so bummed about because I didn't want it to be over. This is one of our new favorite shows and are so ready for season two. So, we started another Netflix original series called House of Cards which is equally as great.If you have Netflix, check out these two shows!

Saturday we woke up at 5:30 to go to our training group as usual, but ended up not going. My hip had started hurting Thursday night and still wasn't 100% and I didn't want to run 4 miles on it. And Andy was beat from work all week, so we went back to sleep. We finally work up around 9am, holy cow that is super late for me but it felt great to sleep in! We had breakfast and while Andy finished up some work on the cars, I played fetch with my favorite little guy!

We also went to see 2 Guns which was entertaining and hit up our favorite Greek restaurant for dinner, followed by a lazy night number two!

Sunday we got up, I made breakfast and we headed to OKC for outlet shopping! We only went to three stores but three was about all my debit card could take as we did some damage.  Andy wanted to do fall shopping at Polo Ralph Lauren as that is about all he wears and got some great deals. I added another oxford to my collection (pink stripes) since I wear them all the time. I was looking for the green stripes, but they didn't have my size, guess that means I have to go back, right? Haha

We also went to J Crew which I have missed so much over the past few years as we didn't have one in El Paso. I got some of my favorite sweaters (and am very tempted to order even more because they are the perfect sweater) along with a puffer vest that I have been coveting since last year. Then we went into Coach just to look at wallets and my wonderful husband treated me to the perfect one, did I get lucky or what?!?!

We had a late lunch/early dinner at BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse which was one of our favorite places in El Paso. I was so excited to find one close by and it tasted as good as ever!

Yesterday we went to the mall for a few things. I got my eyebrows threaded for the first time and while it did hurt, they do look pretty darn good if I do say so myself, I might be a threading girl instead of waxing now! We also stocked up on fall smellies from Bath and Body and I cannot wait to use them and have that warm, cozy, fall smell all day long! The rest of the day was relaxing, plus a two hour nap which was wonderful!

Don't think I have given up on running though, I did a little run this morning which felt pretty good. My pace kinda sucked today, but at least I am out there getting in some miles!

Hope you all had as great a labor day weekend as we did!

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