Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hydration is Key!

Hydration is one of the most important things when running, and even when you are not running. When I was in high school, and sometimes in college, I would faint a lot. It was weird and I did not like it, and it happened so often that I could usually feel when it was going to happen so I at least had a little time to get myself seated somewhere and get it under control.

Until my mom and I were flying back from Greece with a layover in Germany and I almost knocked over a while display of cognac in a duty-free store as I was fainting. When we got home, we went to all sorts of doctors and they all told me to drink more Gatorade because I had an electrolyte imbalance (maybe those doctors got some sort of kickback from Gatorade, because they all told me the same thing haha). Well, drinking a million bottles of Gatorade a day was bad because then I started getting cavities. Gatorade has tons of sugar which is not the best. So, I stopped drinking Gatorade all the time and luckily I don't faint anymore.

I also love my morning coffee, hot or iced, I love it all.

But, coffee (caffeine) dehydrates you, so you need to boost your hydration back up during the day.

When I started running I knew I would need something more substantial than just water on my runs. Enter Nuun Hydration!

This is the best and I am so glad I found it! I first found out about Nuun on some other blogs that I read and knew I wanted to try it, no sugar and no carbs, but lots of electrolytes. Sounded great to me, but were to buy it in little ol' Lawton, OK?

Well, there wasn't anywhere to buy it here so when we went to Oklahoma City for Andy to pick up some new running shoes at the closest running shop to us (an hour and twenty minutes away) I figured I would pick up some Nuun. I did and I am so glad that I found it. Then, last month, Lawton opened a new shopping center which includes not only a Target (thank heavens) but also an Academy Sports, and they have Nuun in stock! So glad that I don't have to drive to OKC just for Nuun now.

They have all sorts of favors (14), but my favorites so far might be tropical or fruit punch. I will be ordering the watermelon soon because I hear that is awesome, and they are currently doing free shipping on their website!

What do you use to hydrate on your runs? Or during the day in general, because for me, Nuun is an all day affair, no just on a nice run. Have a great day!


  1. I'm a huge water drinker, always have been. That's all I drink haha.

  2. Pure water so far. I haven't reached running distances where I would need anything else so far. I have heard good things with NUUN also.

    I've been to Lawton a couple of times and would have to say they do a fantastic time decorating during the holidays.