Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Week One Complete

Last week was week one of our training plan for the Spirit of Survival race! It was a good week, followed by a group training session on Saturday! Plus, we got to pick up our training shirts, and who doesn't like a new training shirt!

We had a really awesome session of getting to meet with our training teams and doing our first training run, which is on the race course so it is nice to get familiar with it! A morning run was also the best way to start our Saturday!

After the run we came home, showered and hit up Cracker Barrel because I was starving. We had a yummy breakfast and then hit the road. We drove up to Oklahoma City for the day to get Andy a new pair if running shoes, and OKC is the closest running shop. Andy is now the proud owner of a pair of Saucony Guide 6s and he loves them. Still don't think that is going to make me stray from my lovely Mizuno Wave Riders though!

After the running shop we spent the afternoon at the zoo! I was so excited to go to the zoo because I love animals (especially elephants) and because our first date was to the North Carolina Zoo, so zoos hold a special place in my heart.

We had a lot of fun, but it was insanely hot and humid and we must have walked about 4 miles around the zoo on top of our morning training session, so my legs were shot. Finally, we hit Chili's for a late lunch/early dinner and then made the hour and a half drive back to Lawton. We had a low key Saturday night which included some wine, PJs and movies and I loved it! Now, I leave you with some cute animal pictures to get you though your day!

 Momma and baby!
 Who knew sea lions could paint?!?!
My favorite, a little elephant family!

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  1. I love my Saucony Kinvara shoes they are amazing!