Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Spirit of Survival Kick-Off

Yesterday, Andy came home from running some errands, came into my office and told me that he had heard on the radio that a running shop from Tulsa was doing a fitting at the hospital around the corner from our house. Clearly, we had to go because the closest running shop is now an hour and a half away and he wanted some new shoes. We got there to learn that it was the kick off event for the Spirit of Survival race, the one that we planned on doing this coming October. They told us that there was going to be a seminar at 6PM, so we signed up! 

The talk was given by Matt Aguero where he went over proper running technique and tips. The talk was followed by meeting with our training teams, that's right, we get 12 weeks of training with our team (for free!). 

It was awesome hearing from the woman who is in charge of the race and a few testimonals from people about why they run. And even better that they told us 100% of all the money raised, including donations and registration fees, go directly to cancer research. Not many places can say they donate 100% of the funds to a great cause. I cannot wait to start training and am now even more excited for the race in October!

Andy ended up signing up for the half marathon and I am doing the quarter marathon. I figure I've done 5ks and want to take the next step, but didn't think I would be ready for the half. This is a good starting point for me, and maybe I will end up loving the longer distance so much that I will sign up for a half (or full!) in the future!

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  1. You will love it!!! The longer the distance the better running feels. :)