Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wonderful Weekend

Sorry  I have been MIA, nothing too exciting had happened and I really didn't have much to say. This weekend was a different story, because I got my hubby back! I didn't want to put on here when he was gone, because then crazies would know I was home alone, but he was in the field for 5 weeks and he is finally home! I am so glad he is home and we had a nice, fun, Memorial Day weekend!

We did lots of relaxing and hanging out, which was wonderful. On Monday we wanted to check out a World War II memorial near our house. It was really nice and informative. Also, it was not just World War II, they had sections for each war that the US has fought in since World War I. In the center of the memorial, there is a giant American flag, surrounded by each states flag (in the order that they became a state). If you are in El Paso, I suggest checking it out!

 Me and my home state, New York!
 My three favorite/most meaningful states, Virginia, New York and North Carolina. All lined next to eachother!
 Andy and his home state, Virginia!

This past weekend we also went and saw The Great Gatsby, which I loved! It is one of my favorite books and I think the film version was wonderful! I will also be purchasing the soundtrack shortly, which was awesome. We did a lot of eating out and relaxing, and took a little trip to the outlets. Only hit two stores, so it was a short trip, but got some good things.

Lastly, we both got iPhone 5s this weekend! We have had out droids for 2 years now and I have had so much trouble with it, I was very ready for a new phone. I am loving the iPhone so far, it is very user friendly and I don't have to charge it 3 times a day which is great. So, what running apps do you use? I know there the Nike app, Map my Run, and Run Keeper. Which do you find is the best?

Now, I leave you with a beautiful sunset over Northeast El Paso as we were driving back from dinner last night! Have a great day!


  1. Yay so happy he is back! :) Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

    1. it was a great weekend! i was so ready for him to be home, and now we start out-processing soon!

  2. what great photos of the WWII memorial - glad you got to go and it was a perfect place to visit on Memorial weekend - you guys look terrific too - I know you're both so happy to be together after all those weeks apart.