Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New Favorite Thing

You may have noticed the jackets that we have on in my post from yesterday. They are the New Balance Glow Beacon Jacket and I am in love!

I first saw this jacket on a blog about a year ago, thought they were great, but didn't want to spend $175 on it. I kept going back and doing online searches to see if I could find them cheaper, but my research was unsuccessful (until about a month and a half ago).

Enter Zulily and their wonderful sales. I was able to pick up one for Andy for half price, but no luck for me. I figured I would be a nice wife and get him one as his marathon training present (though I still wanted one for myself). I kept looking and finally found one of myself on a running outlet website, sadly I forget which one.

They were both on sale since they are last years version, but the only difference I can tell is the color. The new ones are yellow, for both men and women. The ones I picked up are green for men and coral for women, which I like better than the yellow anyway, so it works out!

This is probably the best training jacket that I have come across and will/have gotten tons of use out of it. Especially now that we live pretty much out in the country and there are very few street lights, it is great for those early morning/late night runs when the sun is not so bright. The jacket allows you to be visible during the day with the bright color, and at night since they have dots that glow in the dark! It is also nice and stretchy, not stiff like some other training jackets.

I am so glad that I found these bad boys and can't wait to rock it on my dark training runs.


  1. This is definitely a cool jacket! I use a PT belt at night lol.

  2. I thought they were great jackets when I saw you guys wearing them but to see them glow in the dark - love them!!!! Look great and safe too - what more could you ask! And kudos for all the research you did & did & did to find them on sale - you're the best at hunting down those bargains!