Friday, June 21, 2013

Moving Day!


Today is the day, we are moving out of our house in El Paso and tomorrow morning we will be on our way to Oklahoma! This is exciting, I love that we get to explore a new town and do fun and new things, but I will miss El Paso and the friends that we have made here.

All day yesterday, the packers were here. It is nice that we didn't have to pack anything, other than the things that we are bringing in the car with us. They got here at 8:45am and left around 4:45pm, holy cow. And I don't even think we have an unusual amount of stuff.

This is currently what our spare bedroom looks like, and really, most of the rest of our house. I am just glad that I didn't have to be the one to pack it all, did I mention that I hate packing? They are here loading up the truck and then tomorrow we will be on our way to Oklahoma to begin our new adventure!

With that said, I will probably be lacking in the posting department, as we need to get there, find a new house and get set up. But I will try my best to keep you updated about our first week in Oklahoma! Talk to you soon!

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