Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fitbit Flex vs. Jawbone Up

Decisions decisions, it is that time again! Last night my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas. Yes, even though it is not even thanksgiving, we like to get an early start on shopping/list making/thinking of what to get the other. I never know what to say when someone asks me what I want as a gift because I never know what the right budget is or if it is something I would just get for myself, and so on.

Well, while browsing Pinterest, IG and all the other social media outlets that we all love so much I came across the Fitbit Flex and Jawbone Up. Basically, they are both fancy pedometers. They track your steps throughout the day, but also track your caloric intake and sleep. They are both waterproof so they can be worn in the shower and during workouts and all that good stuff, to get you the most accurate measure of your day. Both allow you to connect with friends that also have one which could be fun. Make a game out of it maybe?

I think I would really enjoy one of these since I work from home and am not that active throughout the day. One of these would make me more aware of my activity throughout the day and will probably make me want to up my movement. So, lets get to comparing and see whats what.

The Fitbit Flex:

I did my Internet research, as any curious person would do, and I think this is the front runner of the two. It seems to be a comfortable band (which comes in a ton of colors that you can switch out, and you know how I love color options), a decent (6 day) battery life and updates per the app on your phone in real time. But one review I read said water get trapped in it when you shower which means you have to dry it off every time it gets wet which can be a pain, but not a deal breaker. This has a better price point at just under $100.

The Jawbone Up:

Though the flex sounds good, this does as well. The up has a longer battery life (around 10 days) and looks sleeker. But it only uploads info to the app by plugging it into your phone. This means that you don't get to see real time results, just the results throughout the day when you plug up. Though one review I read said that they liked the app for the up better than the app for the flex. This is a little higher priced at $130.

Do you have either of these? What do you think?

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